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International Air Ambulance Alliance


The IAAA and its parent company NAAMTA provides medical accreditation (within the ISO 9001-2008 standards) to air ambulance operators internationally.


The IAAA works with operators and payers by raising the professional standards of air ambulance providers, while creating business transparency for insurers, medical assistance companies and individual payers of air ambulance services.


The IAAA is a not-for-profit organization that supports the specific needs of operators. Internationally, it associates itself with industry advocacy groups and other professional bodies for the collective benefit of its members.


Membership with the IAAA is a commitment which recognizes professionalism and integrity, while supporting the delivery of quality patient care. Our programs which meet the Membership criteria, will not only be required to maintain the agreed standards, but also agree to be accountable to the alliance, ensuring such standards are upheld.


From an insurer and medical assistance perspective, by choosing an IAAA accredited member program, risk assessment diminishes, thus safeguarding peace of mind, transparency and quality of service. Internationally, the IAAA is a growing network of air ambulance providers, along with insurers and medical assistance companies. Together they are committed to raising the standards of the air ambulance industry.


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